Kathmandu // 30 december 2014



Need to get into the writing more but feel like I want to do too many things... Anyway yesterday was again an interesting day. So enough reason to write things down as a memory while things fade with time.

It feels good to be for a longer time in Kathmandu. Things sometimes just happen when you have more time at a certain place. It is a very good experience to be here on my own and try to get a sort of daily pattern that gives me a good feeling and is what I am searching for. That could be a goal by itself, but there is so many more. 

Yesterday afternoon I met Rohit, my friend a guide for most of the times in Nepal. He was just back from a trip with customers going to Chitwan. Now he also had diarrhea and felt like shit. So probably we don't leave tomorrow to Solu Khumbu area but I also like to celebrate New Year here in Kathmandu. I also still feel weak so no mountain biking for me today. Would be too frustrating because I read the itinerary and it is quite hard climb you the morning before getting tho a graduate smooth descent back to Kathmandu valley.

While having a masala dosa at Duth Sager and Rohit just a cup of tea because of his stomach, he told me there was New Year festival for the Gurung people. The festival known as Tamu Loshar. I went there after lunch and spend the whole evening up to the end of the festival around 23:30. There was a lot of singing and dancing. Also the traditional competition where the male on one side and the female on the other side, are battling with their lyrics. Of course and unfortunately I could not understand it. People invited me to dance and where very friendly. Nice to experience and just lucky to end up there. I might have been the only foreigner. On the way back I met on the streets with the winner of the festival. I guess she is quit famous here while everybody was shouting here name. I will include some photos. 

In between time and now at breakfast I am working on editing the video I shot of the Paleo workshop. Before leaving to a Dubai. There is a lot of footage and need to make selections for just a 2 to 3 minute video. The work have to be done anyway so nod bad to combine it here with some photography and cultural site seeing.  

Today's will explore another part of the city. Take a rest at the balcony before deciding where to be and celebrate at the midnight.