Kathmandu, back to Nepal.

It's great to be back in Kathmandu. I visited my Nepali friend Rohit and his family with Christmas. It was so nice to spend the time with them, especially with Christmas. Got sick the day after. Probably because his souther, Rosani, was also vomiting and I was quit close. 2 days on the bed, vomiting and diarrhea. Now 4 days later finally feeling a bit better. Have been bouldering yesterday. There is a very small but nice climbing place with friendly people. The wall is nothing special but what can you aspect in the 3de poorest country in Asia. Met the Nepali Climbing Champion and perhaps helping him out later to build a campus board. Traveling alone can be difficult but at the same time nice meet interesting people. It is a good learning process to travel alone, find my way and seek what I am after.

Yesterday I walked throw town and for the first time with my camera. With a wide circle I went to Durbar Square. An ancient place in the middle of town with very old tradition building with beautiful wood carvings. There I met 2 girls from Spain. In the afternoon we had a nice walk to Swayambhunath temple and had a great sunset from the temple based on the top of a hill looking out over the city. Spanish people I find a lot more expressive then Dutch for instance. I like that and it makes them much more easy going too. Find it difficult myself sometimes being shy but it helps spending time with them. 

Some final thoughts on Dubai. 
Dubai was amazing. The duality between the enormous high buildings, amazing cars (like ford mustangs everywhere), rich people showing off. And on the other hand local areas like Deira, where people live like in many of the poor places of Asia. I find it a very interesting but sometimes also sad situation to experience. Although the people from Arian, Pakistan, India, Nepal I met where extremely friendly, not after you money, and liked to have an interesting conversation. Especially the people from India I find so manny times very interesting, lectured about many global aspects, history and it is so nice that they are so proud of there country. Only 18 % of the population in Dubai is from origin from the emirates. Men and women ration is 3:1. Anyway enough facts, but interesting place. When I met a Indian business guy at dinner at a local food place, he mentioned proudly; if all the Indians would leave from Dubai, their economy will collapse. It made him even more proud of being Indian. Btw in Deira you can eet for les then 2 euro at local Pakistani food places, and amazing good food. Look for the place where all the locals go so you have more chances on good food and not getting sick.

To anyone reading this. Enjoy New Year and Happy New Year!