Happy New Year from Kathmandu

New Year party in Thamel, Kathmandu. 

New Year party in Thamel, Kathmandu. 


Today I found okra in the supermarket. I will keep the seeds and plant them at home because I was already searching so long for the seeds of the okra plant. 

At the beginning of the evening I had some fun with 2 Dutch tourists and again met some nice Nepalis at the fire at the restaurant Gaia in Thamel. Drunk a nice warm Gluh Whine at the fire. Afterwards brought my laundry to my room, went back to the party places and joined the "dancing". Lot's of craziness on the streets. Many Nepalis seem to do break dancing in the middle of the street.. So competitive but also so good. Nepalis drink really quickly which is why they get so violent when drunk. They go from sober to drunk very quickly and become very unpredictable. So by the time is was 01:00 it was not to call a very nice atmosfeer and I went to bed. 


No hungover the day after because I only had two beers.
Had a great bouldering session there. Later I joined dinner with a group and we had a beer at a nice bar in Thamel. 
Unfortunately I still have a little diarrhea so decided not to go ant eat any spices today.


in 2 day I will be joining a Ultra Trail Run north from Kathmandu. In the Shivapuri National Park they made several run distances and decided to try the 27 km run. Never run this distance Still don't feel very strong but going for it, will be fine I hope. Anyway it will be a great race. Some Dutch told me about it. Yesterday I met the organizer at the climbing gym here in Kathmandu.
I bought some candles to light up the apartment because there are only these white neon lights. And especially it is very dark when there is no power but only the generator. Only two little lights are working then. So will be much nicer with some candle light. 

Ultra Trail route up to Shivapuri north from Kathmandu. Event will take place on the 3de of January. I will do the run shown above, the 27 km.