India: On elephant safari at Wayanad wildlife park in the South


Traveling around in Kerala, India. Getting back on the bus again to go to Cochin but still enjoying the wildlife safaris of last few days in Wayanad National Park in Tholpetty, India. Amazing to see the Elephants in real life en their national environment!

During a one day trekking on the border of the wildlife park we climbed a bog hill and went to some cages on top of it. The loud noise lead us the way to a big cave where hundreds of bats where living. It was ver impressive to see and hear the bats hanging and flying around. The bad light made it unfortunately difficult to use a tele lens but my 85 1.8 made it work quit good.

(Photos taken at Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Tholpetty range)

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Nepal: 30 hour local bus ride to Taplejung

29/30-10 A report of the trip by bus from Kathmandu to Taplejung, the starting point of our Kangchenjunga (8586m) trekking.

Finally we arrived at Taplejung after a 30 hour bus ride. Yesterday we did 25 hours in a row after we took the night bus from Kathmandu and changed in Birtamod, near to the Indian border, to a local bus into the mountains. The ride was fantastic and beautiful and took us through the tea plantations of Ilam. The bus was from the 50's, with to many people in it and uphill it went like 5 km an hour. The old bus stopped at 7 in the evening because the driver didn't want to drive on in the dark on the small mountain road. We and the rest of the passengers slept in a local thea house that was very basic. The food, Dal Bhat, was good as always.

On my way to Kathmandu!

On my way to Kathmandu!

After the first stop in Zurich, Switzerland,we just arrived at Doha airport in the Emirates. It's night here and I tried to get some sleep in the airplane after watching a movie..but without success. As always packing took to long last night and there are always thing you want to finish before leaving. 

But...Wilfried and I are on our way!

'Cumulus clouds above the Swiss alps'

'Unreal tunnel to the departure gate at Zurich airport'

'High speed through the tunnel at Zurich airport'

'Engine power in front of the Swiss mountains'

'Inside the Quatar Airplane'

'Waiting on Doha airport at the Emirates' Take care and till next post from hopefully, Kathmandu...

Trip to Nepal planned!

Trip to Nepal planned!
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Nepal, het land van het Himalaya gebergte, de inmense stad Kathmandu en de vele etnische groepen zoals de Newah of Newars, Bhote, Rai, Limbu, Sherpa, Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Thakali, Brahman. Op donderdag 21 oktober vliegen goede vriend Wilfried en ik via Zurich en Doha naar Kathmandu.

De reis Het volgende staat ongeveer op de planning;

Manasalu Trek This trek offers you a very unique opportunity to experience relatively "untouched" region of Nepal and provides spectacular beauty along the border of Nepal and China. Controlled trekking route, which allows organized trekking groups special permits to venture round its spectacular circuit opened for trekking only since 1991. Manaslu region located in west central Nepal is 336km. provides strong walkers the best that Nepal has to offer fantastic mountain scenery, spanning altitudes from 375m to 5300 m. a diverse range of ecosystems and ethnic cultures, and a trail that puts one physically closer to Tibet than any other trek in Nepal.Basic Information Accommodations- Camping Tented Ethnic People- Thakali/ Magar/ Gurung and Chhetri etc Geography - Mountains/Countryside/forests/villages and Glacier Highest Altitude- 5213 meter Level of Difficulty - Strenuous Maximum Climb - 1800 meter Maximum Descend - 1500 Religions - Hinduism and Buddhism Total of Days on Trek - 18 Days Transportation – private jeep Trek Distance - 185 km

Weather: There are two ideal "weather windows" for Nepal. From the latter half of March until the first part of May temperatures are relatively warm, 10 to 15 degrees warmer than in the fall. Mornings are bright and clear with the air slowly becoming hazier as the day progresses. The rhododendron forests in springtime are spectacular, with color displays that are "Himalayan" in beauty. June is warm, green and less crowded, but can also include rain showers, wet trail conditions and possible flight delays. The fallseason, the latter half of October to early December, is an ideal time for the best mountain views. Clear,crisp air greets the trekker each morning and evening. However, trekking to the high Camp region (at more than 17,000 feet) can include 0 degree temperatures at night and a 50% chance of some snow anytime above the 13,000 foot level. During the day, above 15,000 feet, do not anticipate temperatures above 35 degrees. Again, your body is taking in less than half its normal supply of oxygen, and 32 degrees will feel colder than we are accustomed to at home.