Back from the Manaslu trek, in Pokara

Back from the Manaslu trek, in Pokara

Yesterday the Manaslu trek was finished and we arrived in Boerboele. Today we went by jeep and mini bus to Pokhara.

 'One of the basic houses we visited during the trek'

The trek was magnificent, especially the part before we went over the "Larkya La pass" was a very pure part of Nepal. The valley where the Nepali people have a very basic life and in some occasions are very poor. High in the mountains the houses where not more then some walls from rocks and a wooden roof with some iron plates. In the lower valleys the people where in most occasions Hindu and beautiful and colorful dressed while high in the mountains Boudist people who came from the old Tibet, live poor and wear old, dirty closes.

The Manaslu area showed a diversity with old forests and barren maintain landscapes.

'High Himalayan mountain landscapes during the trek' On the climb up to Samdo I got sick, probably of some food or water. I was throwing up while walking above 3000 meter, felt awful but know I had to go on to Samdo where we had to do a rest day for acclimatizing. I managed but had to take some antibiotics to recover. I was lucky because I recovered quick and managed to do some side-trips to remote valleys on the border of the old Tibet. I met an Tibetan guy who brought a cripple yak back to Samdo. We had really nice conversations about the life up in the high Himalayan mountains and I was lucky he lived for 13 years in Kathmandu and spoke perfectly English. It was a great experience meeting the local pear everywhere. During the trek we where staying with local people and I sat by the fire while the dal bat dinner was prepared. Our from Asian Heritage told me about the Nepali culture and different religions in Nepal.

 'Indian jeep for the bumpy road'

We just arrived in Pokhara by jeep and have a view over the lake and the great Annapurna range.

 'Sunset on the lake at Pokhara'

Tomorrow we will have a rest day en Wednesday we will leave early to begin with the Annapurna sanctuary trek to the Annapurna base camp.

I made a lot of photos during the last two weeks and will go through them to sort them out. Usually I take a lot of double photos with different aperture of shutter-speed. Depending on the histogram I will delete photos that are bad exposed or with a composition I don't like. But fist relax, eat, drink a beer and, have a look at Pokhara.

 'The more quit center of Pokhara compared to the chaos of Kathmandu'

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