Expositie Cultuurroute 2014 Loon op Zand

The exhibition took place in Loon op Zand during a cultural route with more people having their creative work being exposed. 

First of all I would like to thank all the people that visited me during the one day exposition on the 7th of September. In total there where more then 500 visitors during the this day. I was especially very happy to see about 20 people that have been my clients at some point in the last few years. Also some good friends visited the exposition and I am very thankful for there support. Even more now I am going of being a fulltime Photographer. 

People bought my postcards and and asked if I would like to sell large prints of the images. Of course this is possible because still the best thing for photography or art is to show on a wall. Now I have created a Fine-Art Print page where you can roder prints from different subjects and locations.

Some images of the exposition:

Preview Calendar from Nepal photos

Preview Calendar from Nepal photos

Finally I'm finding time to work on preparing a few calendars from my photos. The idea has been in my mind for a long time and I have the fealing that especially the photos from Nepal need to have some destinations. I take photos to let onthers enjoy the things I've seen and captured at a certain moment.

The test prints are being made and I hope they arrive soon. I will start a simple webshop later on where anyone who's interessted can order his or her own calendar for coming 2012. Who doesn't need something to cheer the room or toilet up? For this moment I would like to share the design of the front and the selected photos for the calendar.

If you are interested please let me know so I can come and show the test printed calandar. Allways nice to hear your response and suggestions!