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Image perfections

Last week I went through the images of the wedding I shot last week and sometimes you find these images that are impressing you. Pretty cool you can think at first but how to perfect the emotion you find in the image. In this post you find the start image and the final image on a girl sitting behind a window in a bus during the picking up before a wedding. You can find the original below. As I am into black and white images because the are compelling in telling a pure story without the distractions of colors, I converted the image to black and white. As you can see there are some distractions in the image like my reflection, the reflection of the photographer. I decided to edit al of this out in photoshop to get the eye more focused to the sublject, the litte girl who gave me a pure and direct expression. In photoshop I just used cloning and used a 180 degree clone of here hear to get some detail on the right side. I found the guy and especially his shirt on the right side a bit annoying so decided to clone to black from there. My own reflection with my hair blown into the sky because of the wind I also found distracting from here look and let her stand out more by erasing myself just using cloning.  


Friendship and being there for the ones that need you

Today I have been hearing and experiencing the importance the social aspect in our frienships and just with everyone around us. Everywhere I hear stories of people that are feeling alone and feel the lack of interacting in their day tot day surroundings because it is just not common anymore to just talk to somebody on the street or in local transport. In their job they are pushed by there company to be as effective and productive as possible but crossing their limit every day untill the day comes they just can't reach the goals set. Tonight I have finaly found the strength to finish part to of Ernesto Che Guevara his biography movie. It has been a sad thing to watch this social icon come to his end and feel how history has been struggling with social freedom revolutionaries like him. Remembering him and hearing al the need in my surroundings gives me again the knowledge of the importance to be there for each other. And not give in to the need made by the capitalism to own as much property and products as possible but to share what we already have. Then thinking back to India last december and looking at the images captured I see bck how my eye have been looking at this different world. It tried to share as much as possible especialy with atention and love to everyone I met during my trip. Next photo gives me good memories... I can only say, be there for the ones that need you...

Photography course with Mattew Jordan Smith @ CreativeLIVE

Notes from Photography course with Mattew Jordan Smith @ CreativeLIVE
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Afgelopen weekeind was het weer genieten bij de live webcasts van CreativeLIVE met de 3 daagse fotografie cursus van beroemd Glamor and Fashion fotograaf Mattew Jordan Smith. Voor wie het gemist heeft of wil lezen welke asecpten als belangrijk naar voren kwamen onderstaand mijn notities:

Notes: Matthew Jordan Smith @ Creative LIVE
  • "Your knees should be shaking, then you're on the right path"
  • Write down your goals and hang them on the wall so you can see and read them every day!
  • Only go for the thing you really love and don't go for all the things you like. Love will bring you to your vision!
  • Being an Assistant is the beginning of your career.
  • Think about what's the hart in the picture!?
  • "Be careful in photoshop; use it but don't abuse it"
  • "Editorial is the best showcase for getting your work out there to the masses"  " Then you get the Advertising"
  • "Promotion is printing images and show them to potential clients"  (PROMO PIECE)
  • Follow 5 local magazines close to your work in detail; names of editors, publishers, photographers, etc! What's their goal and try to accomplish work that's reaching there goal!
  • " Find producers online or from friends, look at Lebook.com"
  • Work in a team, don't think you can do it all by yourself but work together!
  • Use a VFLAT (wit / zwart scherm bestaande uit 2 delen waarmee bijvoorbeeld een reflectie afgegeven kan worden of een achtergrond licht geblocked kan worden als een gobo zodat het model of onderwerp niet van achteren verlicht wordt en er geen lens flard kan ontstaan.)
  • Maak een strory board met schetsen van de poses / kleding / onderwerpen / expressie / etc.
  • Zet een markering voor het model waarbinnen gewerkt kan worden.
  • Achtergrond voor fashion is wit , grijs , of zwart. De achtergrond overbelicht met een halve stop! Niet meer om geen extra licht te verspreiden.
  • Leave some space for the gutter in the magazine / Vrije ruimte om text toe the voegen.
  • Voor de shot eerst het storyboard doornemen en je visie en ideeën delen.
  • Tijdens een shoot een aantal minuten intensief schieten afwisselen met feedback en pauze.
  • Muziek is essentieel en bepalend tijdens een shoot!
  • Zeg wat je mooi vind aan het model of de bewegingen en blik. Geef tips over wat je graag wilt zien voordat je begin te fotograferen.