Image perfections

Last week I went through the images of the wedding I shot last week and sometimes you find these images that are impressing you. Pretty cool you can think at first but how to perfect the emotion you find in the image. In this post you find the start image and the final image on a girl sitting behind a window in a bus during the picking up before a wedding. You can find the original below. As I am into black and white images because the are compelling in telling a pure story without the distractions of colors, I converted the image to black and white. As you can see there are some distractions in the image like my reflection, the reflection of the photographer. I decided to edit al of this out in photoshop to get the eye more focused to the sublject, the litte girl who gave me a pure and direct expression. In photoshop I just used cloning and used a 180 degree clone of here hear to get some detail on the right side. I found the guy and especially his shirt on the right side a bit annoying so decided to clone to black from there. My own reflection with my hair blown into the sky because of the wind I also found distracting from here look and let her stand out more by erasing myself just using cloning.