Friendship and being there for the ones that need you

Today I have been hearing and experiencing the importance the social aspect in our frienships and just with everyone around us. Everywhere I hear stories of people that are feeling alone and feel the lack of interacting in their day tot day surroundings because it is just not common anymore to just talk to somebody on the street or in local transport. In their job they are pushed by there company to be as effective and productive as possible but crossing their limit every day untill the day comes they just can't reach the goals set. Tonight I have finaly found the strength to finish part to of Ernesto Che Guevara his biography movie. It has been a sad thing to watch this social icon come to his end and feel how history has been struggling with social freedom revolutionaries like him. Remembering him and hearing al the need in my surroundings gives me again the knowledge of the importance to be there for each other. And not give in to the need made by the capitalism to own as much property and products as possible but to share what we already have. Then thinking back to India last december and looking at the images captured I see bck how my eye have been looking at this different world. It tried to share as much as possible especialy with atention and love to everyone I met during my trip. Next photo gives me good memories... I can only say, be there for the ones that need you...