Wallpaper November 2010

Wallpaper November 2010

Later then ever, but still wanted to post the November wallpaper after my trip to Nepal. Will come back on that story later!

[[image file="wallpapers/november-2010-750px_wide.jpg" align="left" ]]

Shot this photo in Nepal during my one month visit. To be more precise this photo is taken in one of the beautiful vilages. I put my camera on the table to stabalize the camera and waited for the moment to capture the movements of the people who where living there. In the photo there is shown the preparation of their famous raksi alcoholic drink.

You can download the wallpaper in defferent sized depending on you screen resolution.

1920 x 1440 can de downloaded here 1920 x 1280 can be downloaded here 1280 x 800 can be downloaded here