Last days in fascinating Kathmandu

Last days in fascinating Kathmandu

While sitting in the tourist bus on my way to the chaotic but fascinating city Kathmandu, I realized how privileged I am traveling through this country. Through a country where people really have to work hard to survive. Even basic things like food and a safe place to live are here not the standard of life. For many people there is no job, even when they finished university. For this reason many young ambitious Nepalese people leave the country to find a job somewhere else in the surrounding Asian countries. Nepalese find this a pity because they could add an important value to the development of the country.

We pass the hills and colorfull villages. When you look more close there are a lot of poor people who live in barracks from everything nature has to offer. Although there is no luxury in the houses, people look clean and especially women, are beautifully dressed with colorful closes. Every part of their closes make a perfect combination.

When the bus is stopping somewhere children come to the bus and beg for food, money or something else. Even in the valleys high in the mountains of the Manaslu area children from the village where begging. I believe this is part of their culture and especially since they see more and more of the tourists coming in their country with all kids of luxuries. Some Nepali's say life standard is getting better in some parts of Nepal but without a government there will be no organization and even worse, corruption will be growing.

Yesterday I was speaking with the lady of a bookshop, where I bought a book, and she was telling me her story. She worked for thirty years in this bookshop and most of the time she even didn't sold any book after a long day from 8 to 10 in the evening. Even when selling, margins are so low that it's still difficult for her family to have something to eat every day.

Some other tourists I have spoken to mentioned the disagree with the roads that are building in the mountain areas, like fore example in the Annapurna circuit. The people who live in these areas have a low standard of life and always had to carry things like food and closes. Up to their villages. Sometimes this is taking weeks. In a lot of places the government doesn't finance an of the road or hydraulic power projects. The local people are trying to save money and are collecting donations from tourists within the short season. Probably the roads will bring, besides a wast of the natural landscape also a better life standard in some remote areas. We saw plenty of trekkers (read tourists) that will appreciate the luxuries in the lodges high in the mountains. I'm sure the adventures trekker has still a lot to explore in Nepal and will go to other areas.

While time past by we arrived in Kathmandu after I tried to share with you my thoughts and impressions along the way. We will visit the old town (and since a few years part of growing city Kathmandu) with probably some amazing photography subjects.

Enjoy the day!