The 'unofficial' Khumba Mela at the Godawari Ashram, Nepal [January 10, 2016 // 2072 1st of Margh]

At January 10, 2016 // 2072 1st of Margh a Kumba Mela took place at Danghadi Godouri Temple. A Kumba Mela is Hinduistic festival where tenthousands of people gather for purifying themselves in a river with holy water. Also they worship their gods and get a blessing from one of the many present baba's and sadu's (hindu priest). Kumba Mela used to take place only in India so this is the first time in Nepal. During our visit we met serveral baba's and sadu's. One of them told us the story about this festival. He explained that this Godouri Khumba Mela is not an official Khumba Mela because it is not organised by the baba's and sadu's but by the local autorities and by entrepenaurs. We had the honor to take portraits of a few of the baba's and sadu's.