Free Wallpapers added to monthly wallpaper series !

Free Wallpapers added to monthly wallpaper series !
Wallpapers Oktober and September added for the monthly wallpaper series

Hi there! Finaly time came to continue the wallpaper series and share September and October wallpapers with you.

Both are part of the series I shot of my recent trip to the alps when visiting Chamonix, Zermatt and Aosta vally with the Grand Paradiso National Park.
The shots I've chosen are from a long daywalk we tould to avoid the crowds at the elevator stations. We walked across the Matterhorn and got many different views on this amazing, big mountain.
I tried to take a lot of photos with peaple in the frame but both wallpapers, of this remote landscape, I find most striking.
The sun was playing a thouph game by creating a very hard shadow as seen in October wallpaper.
September was made just after sunset close to the Matterhorn.
Files are 1280x800. For 1920x1280 take a look here
For more shot of the trip watch the slide here
Next week I will be flying to Kathmandu to do the Manaslu trek and take shots of this remote area.
Can't wait till the moment I'm walking amongst the big himalayan mountains with 8000 meter peaks!