Monthly Wallpapers 2010

Monthly Wallpapers 2010
best monthly shot for amazing wallpapers!

With pleasure I'm ready to share with you my wallpapers to use for 2010. Coming months I will post more wallpapers at the 'wallpaper' category on my blog. Keep your I on my website or follow me on facebook or twiter in the future for more inspirational wallpapers. Soon I will release July. Would be happy to hear your feedback and will do my best to keep improving them.

You can download them by clicking on the image and saving the fullsize image.


June 2010 Wallpaper (1)

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/june-2010.jpg" alt="June 2010" ]]

June 2010 Wallpaper (2)

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/june-2010-_-2.jpg" alt="June 2010" ]]

May 2010 Wallpaper

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/may-2010.jpg" alt="May 2010" ]]

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/april-2010.jpg" alt="April 2010" ]]

March 2010 Wallpaper

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/march-2010.jpg" alt="March 2010" ]]

February 2010 Wallpaper

[[image file="wallpapers/monthly small/february-2010.jpg" alt="February 2010" ]]

January 2010 Wallpaper