Climbing in Chamonix...up to Mont Blanc

Just back from Chamonix where I climbed with my Chilian friend Sebastián two rock multi pitch routes. It was nice climbing with Sebastián on the SSE Arête of the Chapelle de la Glière and the Brunat-Perroux route on the Index at Chamonix valley. We went for the Mont Blanc from the Italian side but the weather was to bad on the Italian side and the hut there was closed.We decided to do the Gouter route from Chamonix. Our goal was to start in Chamonix and be back within 24 hours. We started climbing in the dark at 19:30 and arrived 14 hours later on the top at 4810 meter. We started the decent and where back in Chamonix after 23 hours. In this way we didn't had to stay at the always crowded and very expensive Gouter hut and we still had a very beautiful sunrise. The forecast for next days was bad so the hurry came out perfectly.  <iframe src="http://www.pimhorvers.nl/album/2014-09-chamonix">