A photographic visit to Krakow, Poland

Last week I visited Krakow in Poland. This city was on my list for way to long. I have a friend living nearby so this was a perfect combination.Besides the fact is was very good to see my Polish friend back again after about 6 years, I got the chance of being introduced to local people and get to know more about their culture.

My friend had been working in the Netherlands for one year and we met at the Climbing gym. We had great fun and I like the conversations, probably because there was a lot talking about life in general involved, his background was philosophy and he finished University in Poland. Second interest we already had at that time was Photography and Videography. This was the main reason we kept in contact and did regular brainstorming sessions threw Skype calling.

On the first two days we went to a local sailing club where he as an videographer worked for. He followed a sailing course for getting a license. I was able to join a group of people sailing and enjoying the sun, swimming and a beer on the water. So holiday.

We planed to stay just for a few hours but while there was more sailing and drinking Polish Wodka involved we ended up staying there till after bbq, the next evening. I just slept in the grass with my towel as a blanked while it wasn't to cold. Polish people a good company. Especially when you get introduced and join them with a drink you get accepted very quickly. On the streets you get more then ones people looking very strait and not very friendly or happy. Once you ask something and start talking I found out that they can be, in most cases, friendly and helpful and show more of there personality behind this sometimes angry looking mask.

Second day we did even more sailing. Sailing with 3 girls I had a good time and even got in charge of the boat for about 2 hours without hitting any other boats or objects on the water..


[iframe src="http://www.pimhorvers.nl/album/2014-08-krakow-polen" width="100%" height="500"]