Kathmandu Earthquake, 25 april 2015

Finally got to talk with my friends and family in Nepal and luckily they are safe. 

My closest family lives in a little bamboo cottage whats a quit safe place. Last night more then 30 people slept at their little house and even in their chicken run. Tonight more then 40 will arrive. 

My close friend was at school, run outside as the hole building collapsed. The few computers they had were destroyed. Just seen photos of people walking with tears in their eyes while seeing the old historical buildings being completely destroyed. 

All shops are closed. There is no electricity what means in most cases there is also no water.. 

I heard that the greenhouse we recently build as most of my fb followers probably have seen, is almost completely destroyed by the house that is next to it. It collapsed and fell on top of it so the bamboo, plastics and the plants are destroyed. 

I was just one the phone with friends in Kathmandu and they told me there was another earthquake around force 6.0 one hours ago. While being on the line my friend told me there was a new earthquake coming at this time and after that the connection was gone. So now again waiting to hear if they are safe and what was the result of another after shake....

Because photos speak even more: