Photographer Pim Horvers founded the Micro-Care Nepal Foundation just after the two earthquakes which struck Nepal in 2015. With his photography he started fundraising and initiated projects to give support in remote mountain areas of Nepal.

Micro-Care Nepal’s goal is to deliver after-earthquake care to the people of Nepal. This support is needed because of the damage caused by two earthquakes which struck the already poor country of Nepal in 2015 causing an unfolding humanitarian disaster. 

Our micro-projects focus on meeting the primary needs of the Nepali people following the earthquakes and include assistance with food, shelter, clothing, education and health.

All our micro-projects have been directly chosen and are transparently managed. As Micro-Care Nepal has official ANBI status, all sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

“Micro-Care Nepal is helping on a small scale, but more importantly directly and at the right place!”
— Pim Horvers, Founder of Micro-Care Nepal